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Top Level Domain NGN USD
domain name com icon ₦4,500 ₦5,000 $12.86
domain name com icon ₦4,500 $12.86
domain name com icon ₦4,500 $12.86
domain name com icon ₦4,500 $12.86
domain name com icon ₦4,500 $12.86
domain name com icon ₦4,500 $12.86
domain name com icon ₦4,500 $12.86
domain name com icon ₦4,500 $12.86
domain name com icon ₦4,500 $12.86
domain name com icon ₦6,000 $16
domain name com icon ₦6,000 $11
domain name com icon ₦10,000 $23
domain name com icon ₦16,000 $40
domain name com icon ₦4,500 $7.25
domain name com icon ₦5,000 $9.95

Price List

.ng Domains

.ng Domains NGN USD 2 Years
domain name com icon ₦13,000 $37.4 ₦24,000

₦2000 $5.71 ₦3800

₦1,400 $4 ₦2,700

₦1,400 $4 ₦2,700

₦1,400 $4 ₦2,700

₦1,400 $4 ₦2,700

₦13,000 $37.14 ₦24,000

₦13,000 $37.14 ₦24,000

₦13,000 $37.14 ₦24,000

₦1,400 $4 ₦2,700

₦1,400 $4 ₦2,700


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Domain Names

Yes. They aren’t that expensive, and a good domain name can become the basis of a great brand.

If you want to buy a domain name that no one else has registered before, that is very easy — just use  the domain search above.

If you are trying to purchase a domain name that has already been registered, you can do that as well. It can be a little more complicated than purchasing new registrations, though. Check out our in-depth guide to aftermarket domain purchasing for details.

If you want to set up a website, you probably need a domain name.
Some people set up free blogs or other types of sites using a domain name that belong to a third-party service like or Tumblr. That’s okay for small personal blogs — but if you want to build a serious online presence, you really should have your own domain name.

It isn’t hard to get your own domain name, all you need to do is buy one from a good domain name registrar.

Attempting to make sense of the best domain name for your new site is one of the more troublesome undertakings when setting up another online nearness. You would prefer not to change area names frequently — it’s awful for marking and terrible for SEO — so whatever you diecide will need to function admirably for a decent lengthy timespan. On the off chance that you are an association with a principally disconnected nearness, the best thing is typically to pick an area name that is a simple to-recollect form of your certifiable name. That may be your full business name, or a typical, conversational shortening. In the event that you serve a specific land territory, it very well may be useful to incorporate the name of your city or town in the area name. This is particularly helpful if your name is to some degree normal. For instance — there are a great deal of chapels named “St. John’s” and a ton of tuition based schools named “Excelsior Academy.” Since schools and temples both serve neighborhood networks, it’s a smart thought to recognize these with space names like or
The domain name system isn’t owned by any one entity. It is, however, managed by the Internet Coorporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICAAN), a non-profit organization.


A TLD is a Top Level Domain (and sometimes gTLD, where the “g” refers to “generic”). They are also sometimes called “domain extensions.” Common TLDs include .com and .org, but there are many more.

A better question is — Which TLD is the best for my website? If you are running a non-profit, club, church, or other social group, you probably want to use .org. On the other hand, if you are setting up a website for an online store, .com might be the best option.
The abbreviation gTLD stands for “Generic Top Level Domain.” A Top Level Domain is the highest realm of administrative authority within the Domain Name System, and is represented by “domain extensions” like .com. There are two types of Top Level Domains — country-code (ccTLD) like .us and .ru, and generic (gTLD) like .com and .org. Some ccTLDs are commonly used as if they were actually generic TLDs, such as .ly (Libya), .me (Montenegro), and .tv (Tuvalu). Also, a few gTLDs are reserved and not available for use by the general public, like .gov and .edu
While it isn’t the best choice for all projects, .com continues to be the “gold standard” for commercial products and services, especially for direct-to-consumer brands. All other things being equal, a .com domain name will fetch a higher price than its equivalent with any other extension
Pretty much every domain name registrar sells the original set of gTLD: .com .org .net .info .net
A few years, ICAAN allowed for the expansion of the gTLD system. Today, in addition to the conventional options of .com, .org, and the like, there is an almost limitless list of new gTLDs, such as: .ninja .lawyer .club .gold Qwiqhost sells must gTLD names. Simply search from above


You can pick a different domain name that is available, or you can try to buy the domain you want on the domain aftermarket.
Prices for country code and new gTLD domains vary, but names with one of the “standard” domain extensions (.com, .org, etc.) should be under around ₦4000 ($10) per year.
A subdomain is a domain that is a part of a larger domain. Since the Domain Name System is hierarchical, technically all domain are subdomains. The TLDs like .com are subdomains of the primary domain — the DNS system itself. Registered domains such as are subdomains of the Top Level Domain represented in the domain extension (.com). Normally, however, when we talk about “subdomains” we are talking about domains which are one more step below registered domains names, for example:
That depends. Subdomains can be very helpful for separating out different major aspects of domain usage. For example, some businesses like to have their main site at their primary domain (, and then put their blog at a subdomain ( Another common usage is for SaaS apps, especially when the public marketing site and the logged-in application are served from different computers or at least different code bases. Often the public site will be at the base domain, with the application on the subdomain ( The most common use of subdomains is when creating a network of sites which are individually manafged by other people, usually customers. This is the model for a number of popular blogging services, including and Tumblr.
It’s possible, but it depends on how you use them. Some SEO experts like to set up category-based subdomains for blogs. The advantage here is that the keywords in the category name are at the front of the URL, in the domain name. So, for example, a post about using subdomains as blog post categories might then have the URL: But, it’s hard to see how this is significantly better than the more conventional approach of putting the category into the permalink structure: This approach may be most helpful if you want your category pages ( ) to be landing pages for Search Engine results.


DNS is the Domain Name System. It is a distributed database of human-meaningful domain names mapped to network-meaningful IP addresses. Web browsers and other internet clients access DNS information through a series of recursive calls to various nodes in the DNS database.

DDNS stands for Dynamic DNS. It is a way of automatically updating a name server in the Domain Name System.

This is useful in the case of web resources which may change IP addresses on a frequent basis (daily or even hourly). The DNS records are updated by a local router or server whenever the IP address of the resource changes.

This is usually not an issue for typical web hosting plans, as web hosting providers use blocks of static IP addresses. However, it is an expected feature of many internet-connected devices, since they are dynamically assigned a new IP address every time they are restarted.

TTL stands for “Time to Live.” It is one of the settings on your DNS setup, and it refers to the amount of time a router or server will store the the IP address information in your DNS record.

This has an effect if you change your DNS record. IF you have a very high TTL, some servers will wait the full time before re-checking where requests should be sent. This may lengthen the amount of time domain name propagation lasts.

TTL is measured in seconds. The traditional value is 86400, which is 24 hours.

TTL is one of the fields on a DNS record, so it is edited there. You can usually find it in your hosting control panel under something like Domain Tools or DNS Zone Editor.

Remember that TTL is one of the data points governed by TTL. If you change the TTL for a domain name from 864000 (24 hours) to 300 (five minutes), hoping that it will speed up global DNS propagation, servers and routers won’t see the updated TTL until the check back for the entire DNS record. So, you might want to change the TTL a day or two before your change your IP address, if fast propagation is a high priority.

The DNS system is a distributed database system. It isn’t kept in one location, but rather pieces of it are spread out all over the globe.

A DNS server is one node in the global DNS network — one particular computer that stores part of the DNS database.

The domain name WHOIS system is a public database of contact information associated with each domain name. The manager for each Top Level Domain (.org, .com, .ninja) manages the WHOIS directory for their respective TLD.

The WHOIS directory keeps contact information for the owner of a domain name, including:

phone number
mailing address
email address
Naturally, this is directory is a prime target for marketers. Because of this, many domain name owners choose to use WHOIS privacy.

For more information on the WHOIS system, see the WHOIS chapter of the Ultimate Domain Name Guide

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